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NEW ORLEANS - Paul Lewakowski was the man behind Lionheart Development that made the assurance: Personalized modular residences. The house was never ever completed and also Lewakowski was detained on charges of felony burglary, conspiracy to dedicate felony burglary, money washing, misapplication of funds, and also operating without a contractor's certificate.

Both Doug as well as Paul have actually been sued successfully as well as it is just a concern of time prior to they both wind up where they belong, "Prison" They have actually wrecked loads of clients lives and also will certainly remain to do so until they are stopped.

Mutated, distressing creatures dominated this macabre period which Redon called "le noirs." Nevertheless, in "Beyond the Visible: The Art of Odilon Redon," Paul Gauguin claims, "If we look carefully at Redon's great fine art, we locate little trace of 'beasts' in it." Gauguin called them "imaginary beings" as an alternative, as well as carried on.

Going bookkeeper for Continental Bank, Chicago, for over 40 years; participant of St. Edmunds Church n Oak Park, IL; graduate of St. Paul High School, Valparaiso, IN. Endured by 2 nephews, James (Marilyn) Cinkoske of Greenfield, IN as well as John (Denise) Cinkoske of Lagro, IN; one niece, Rosemarie C. Flum of Potomac, Maryland; 11 marvelous nieces as well as nephews.

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Optimus VFX Supervisor Paul Rosckes and also Style Technical Supervisor Mark Walczak functioned closely with Chaves and also Lewandowski to ensure the plates were practical and also the height factor revived in the place.

Lewakowski blames the supplier, Peak Residences in Georgia, which closed permanently in December 2007, however the home owners say they had contracts with the company Lewakowski ran Lionheart, not Apex. As well as they say Lewakowski has fallen short to provide them back the large in advance payments he demanded to place the orders for their homes. Joe Alvarez says he paid Lewakowski $105,000 to have a modular home provided to his great deal in Lakeview. In a sworn deposition, Lewakowski claims he took $15,000 of that to pay a deposit to Apex, the home builder of the modular house.

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