10 Ideal Smart Watches for 2014

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With the holidays fast approaching right here's a small but pricey present for a special individual. A smart watch is developed to coordinate with your phone using Bluetooth innovation to ensure that you never miss out on a phone call again. Your smart watch will alert you of a phone call and if set up for it, also who is calling. No need to drag you phone out of your pocket or the bottom of your purse. You can discretely look at your watch.

Not all smart phones are created equal. Prior to you get one, right here are some factors to check:

1. compatibility with your kind of phone

2. strength of electric battery and just how frequently it requires charging

3. what features you really want. Some include: alert from social media as well as calls, stop watch and calendar, voice water-proof and alert or shock-proof.

4. style - do you really want something contemporary and streamlined or are you a geek who really wants a large watch with every function possible?

5. convenience of usage - Does it conveniently fit your wrist? Do you require something shock-proof? Can you review the dial conveniently? Bear in mind that this equipment must make your life less complicated, not harder.

Right here are the 10 ideal smart watches as examined by toptenreviews.com: MetaWatch Strata, MetaWatch Frame, Pebble, Cookoo, i'm Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Martian G2G, Martian Passport, Martian Victory, and Sony LiveView. I'm going to choose three of these to review thoroughly. Please review the original post to explore the rest.

MetaWatch Strata - This is a really strong watch that can take some knocking around. The band is flexible plastic and conveniently cleanable. There is a scratch-resistant face and it is waterproof. The electric battery can last for a week on one charge. There are many flashy colors for the band - electric blue, pink, orange and lime green as well as the conventional grey. There are a lot more features and applications that can be added to this phone compatible with iPhones. At $145 this is one of the less expensive smart watches.

Samsung Galaxy Gear - Right here is a sleek, steamlined watch just produced for a female who likes jewelry. No Samsung S3 or S4 is complete without one of these smart watches. One distinct benefit includes security of your phone. When you move more than 5 feet away from your phone, the Gear safeguards and locks your phone, then releases it when you return. The display face is really clear and the electric battery lasts for 2-3 days between charges. The voice attribute permits you to record messages, set pointers and make calls. This one is $337 retail.

Sony LiveView - Right here's one that suited to a person on a small budget as it costs at only $25.86. It can quickly be affixed to a handbag strap but wrist straps are available. For something so small it is remarkably useful with Twitter and Facebook updates as well as the conventional features. You can play and upload as well as play songs from your phone, and acquire gmail updates. Nevertheless, there is not Bluetooth ability in the watch itself. Once the reception is gone, it leaves this phone unusable as it obtains its signal from the phone. One truly helpful function is the "Find Phone" function. If you can not find your phone, the Sony LiveView will let you to find it by calling it for you.

As you can view, these phones are fairly different from each other and from various other devices and accessories. Given that these watches are so brand-new, it's a great idea to try them out just before you buy. At least put them on and see if all the buttons work. As the writer of "Smart Watch Review" in toptenreviews.com states, "If you consider all of the factors above, you will surely find a smartwatch that is a perfect fit for you. Then, you can stop missing important calls or messages while simultaneously checking your phone less frequently."

What will 2015 bring for brand-new Smart Watch modern technology? Already smart watches have started showing up that do not require phone connections in order to work - essentially a cellular phone watch. Move over, Dick Tracy.

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