3 Most Popular Styles of Downhill Skating

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Even newbies have heard of a few downhill skating styles. Maybe you've even tried a few. But can you name them? Do you know your downhill lingo? We, at Nork, have defined three of the most popular longboarding styles for you. So, now you can talk the talk.


Cruising is the easiest of the three styles and possibly the most common style of longboarding. Newbies often take to this style quickly, because it's an easy going style of skating. You can cruise with almost any board, but for a smoother ride, a longboard with bigger and softer wheels is best.


Sliding, also known as Freeriding, is all about going down hills as fast as possible. It's also extremely trick orientated. Sliding is actually a competitive sport and the competitions are called Slide Jams. Riders are judged on their style and creativity, the length of their slide and their tricks.

There are two major styles of sliding, Puck down and Standee. Puck Down means the skater drags one or both hands on the ground for balance. Riders wear special slide gloves with pucks on the palms to protect their hands from getting shredded up by the tar. A Standee is more difficult than a Puck Down, simply because it uses the same methods, but the riders don't uses their hands to balance.

Then there's Drifting, another aspect of sliding. Skaters drift by positioning their boards sideways, making all four wheels slide or drift. Pre-Drifting is when a rider places his/her board in a slide before a corner to help scrub off some speed so the rider can make the corner confidently.


The most extreme part of downhill skating is commonly known as Downhill. Downhill skaters tend to be adrenaline junkies. They take on hills and hairpin bends at speeds of 97 kph or more, with the full intention to maximise their speed as they go.

Coming off your board at such a speed is your biggest threat. That's why wearing racing leathers and a fullface helmet is compulsory in competitions.

Downhill boards have wheels that help maximise speed and provide more grip for taking corners. These wheels are generally larger than normal, have sharp lips and have wide contact patches on them.

If you'd like more information on downhill longboarding helmets or downhill skating, feel free to contact us on info@norkhelmets.com, or check out our page at www.norkhelmets.com

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