3 New Approaches For Constructing Minisites the Search engines Will Love

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The old proverb "In the event you build it, they are going to arrive" no longer works on the web - and it has not worked for a long time.There are, however, 3 "new and improved" techniques which can be used to build websites that the major search engines love and will deliver more visitors And targeted traffic to your pages quickly.

The first strategy is the "divide And overcome" approach. This process involves creating a massive quantity of mini-websites which have links back to your main website - the one you are trying to build visitors for. Mini Websites are usually little websites that contains 8 pages or less. The primary use of mini websites was once for for affiliate marketing, in which small sales sites (mini-sites) are exclusively designed to sell/market a particular service or product.

There are many pitfalls to this particular approach, including building too many websites too quickly which will lead to your websites becoming de-indexed or flagged as junk. Nevertheless, using this new technique you can build minisites particularly tailored to exhibit content material related to a specific topic, therefore bringing in marketing revenue and visitors. For instance, in case you are creating a internet existence focusing on minisites, you might like to develop 100 smaller websites that all link together to improve every other's visitors. There are lots of great tools available online that can help you release these little websites rapidly.

The next strategy depends heavily on Google's well-recorded and highly publicized PageRank methodology. Google helps to keep it's sets of rules extremely key, but it has released it's PageRank technique in it's filings with the SEC. PageRank is the key - the rosetta rock - of Google's search algorithm criteria. Hyperlinks are essential to Google, Google and MSN in determining in which your website is placed inside the search engine results.

While you most likely know, the more links, the greater you are going to location. The motors place a weighting aspect on every link. That is, a link from an essential website like DrudgeReport.com would matter for much more than your Aunt Mabel's individual main page. Tactically enhancing the PageRank - or, much more generically, your "link gain" across all the major engines - of the main page and of important inner webpages of your website is essential to becoming well-positioned and therefore generating traffic.

By building, cultivating and including inbound links from higher PageRank sites, you can increase the need for your personal pages' position.

For example, once more let's assume you are trying to build an identity for yourself within the Minisite Riches Review. By gaining backlinks and recognition from websites that have a Pagerank (or "PR" for short) of 4 or more, you will ensure that your minisite can get lots of visitors plus an increased weighting in the major search engines outcomes.

Lastly, there exists a 3rd technique - one which is really a mixture of the first two, but with some perspective. Focus on the high PR sites, and attempt to gain as many inbound links as possible, while building minisites around the exact same topic. Nevertheless, the perspective here is to get the high PR websites link to your mini-sites - NOT the primary site you are attempting to market!

Because they build high PR inbound links for your minisites, you might be basically creating these inbound links for your website that much more valuable. To recap, you need to build a network of minisites, hyperlink back to those small sites with inbound links from higher PageRank websites around the internet, then have links from those mini sites, back to your main "Money Cow" web site. Find out more in my article.

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