4.8 Star Amazon Rating For Car Organizer During First Month

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The Automobile Organizer by Freddie and Sebbie has actually been described by one Amazon client as ideal for automobile owners that dislike clutter, giving a maximum 5 star rating.

The luxury car seat organizer was first launched on Amazon by Freddie and Sebbie in the middle of December 2014, after promising clients an organizer for much easier access on the front traveler seat, making it more convenient to grab items while driving. The product is currently registering a typical star rating score of 4.8 from the first 22 Amazon verified client evaluations, the bulk being maximum 5.0 star ratings.

"Better than full size organizers," according to one Amazon client, who adds... "This is my favorite automobile organizer so far. It's half size, which is excellent, since my automobile has pockets on the back of the front row of seats. A full size organizer would obscure those pockets. There are grab bars on the back of those seats, also. The straps on this organizer goes under them and it fits perfectly. I can store all sorts of small items in the many little pockets, so they do not get lost in the huge seat pocket below. In goes the sun block stick, the sunglasses, the flashlight, the retainer case. How helpful."

Charles Ashbacher says it's excellent for organizing an automobile, though he utilizes it to store small work tools. He adds... "This set of pouches sets up in seconds, the only problem is that you may have to adjust the strap to fit around the headrest. There are 4 small pouches on the outside, one on each end with 2 in the middle; the two on the sides are solid while the two in the middle are mesh. The ones on the sides are rounded and deeper, made to accommodate round bottles or beverage cans and the two in the middle can hold items such as cell phones. Above the two mesh pouches in the middle are 2 bigger pouches, about six inches large and six inches deep with a partition in between them. If you sacrifice the two mesh pouches, the bigger pouches can be expanded to about 3 inches. There is a single huge pouch alongside the back of the seat that is slightly over 10 inches long; once again if you want to sacrifice the space in the pouches in front of it you can stretch it out."

Tradecraft, a leading 500 Amazon customer says the Automobile Organizer by Freddie and Sebbie is an easy to use and very functional organizer that keeps all those miscellaneous items nicely organized. They also say... "It literally takes less than one minute to get this installed and adjusted to how you need it. It lays well and is very helpful to have in your vehicle. There are a lot of pockets so you can keep all your items nicely organized in one place. The materials appear durable and this ought to last a long time. You can easily fit your Kindle, tablet, water bottle, phone, cords, treats, etc. in this organizer. If you dislike clutter this organizer by Freddie and Sebbie is your answer. Definitely comes recommended!"

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