4 Ideas for Re-purposing Doors and Windows in the Garden

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Anyone who has spent time remodeling knows that there are an abundance of old windows and doors out there just waiting for homes. Salvage shops are full of them and even high-end antique stores have started getting in on the action. Both can be used for all kinds of projects. Here are some cool ways to use them in the garden.

Garden Shed from Recycled Door(s) http://diycozyhome.com/four-doors-into-a-garden-shed/ Four salvaged doors, roofing material, some basic supplies, and a bit of know-how are all you need for this garden shed project. The shed can be built on a concrete slab or even cement blocks. Use your choice of roofing material. An old window can even be used for an instant skylight. A more detailed set of plans for this project can be found at Better Homes and Gardens.

Arbor Made from Two Door(s) http://www.hgtvgardens.com/hardscaping/make-a-garden-arbor-from-old-wooden-doors Another great way to add a touch of whimsy to your garden is to build an arbor along your pathway using salvaged doors. Solid wood is best for the project to ensure proper weathering. They do not have to be identical, but should be cut to the same size. This arbor would be perfect in a cottage garden with flowering vines growing up and around it.

Recycled Window Greenhouse or Cold Frame http://www.treehugger.com/lawn-garden/3-easy-diy-greenhouses-under-300.html If you've ever longed for a little greenhouse to start your spring seedlings in, then this is the project for you. Old windows can be found at salvage shops, yard sales, and junk stores for mere pennies a piece. With a little creativity, they can be used for greenhouses of all shapes and sizes, to fit any yard and any budget. A cold frame is simply a wooden box that has been filled with soil. Windows are used as hinged lids to allow sunlight to penetrate your plants, creating the perfect microclimate for fall and winter growing.

Old Window Frame Flower Box http://inhabitat.com/how-to-re-purpose-an-old-window-into-a-beautiful-planter/ Window frames with or without the glass can still be put to many creative uses. If you have flower boxes on your porch or patio, an old window frame will expand your growing space while making an attractive backdrop for many plants and flowers. Attach the window frame to the back of your flower box with screws. Plant vining annuals like sweet peas or morning glories for a stunning display. Window frames can be painted to match your decor or left alone for a more rustic look.

Door(s) and window(s) make unusual and useful ornaments in any garden where rustic charm is part of the design. Consider alternative uses for these objects when remodeling and give them a chance at a second life in your yard and garden.

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