4 myths about building muscle

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Ask any fitness professional. Muscle matters. And weight training is an essential part of a balanced workout. Especially seeing as muscle mass begins to deteriorate after the age of 25. Why then, when it comes to our workouts, do so many of us skip the weights and go straight for the cardio? Because of silly muscle myths, that's why! We say forget them, it's time for the truth!

4 myths about building muscle

  • It will give you Madonna Arms. FALSE

It takes a long time and a lot of protein and static training to build bulk.

  • You have to be an expert. FALSE

You don't have to learn a whole new routine. Simply add some dumbbells to your squats or lunges.

  • It doesn't help you lose weight. FALSE

While strength training may increase your weight on the scale, don't be fooled. Muscle weighs more than fat, and the higher your muscle to fat ratio, the more fat you burn and cm's you lose.

  • It's for guys. FALSE

How do you think Vanessa Hudgens looks like that? Kettlebells and deadlifts!Mr Price Sport stocks a range of weight training equipment perfect for ladies of all fitness levels.

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