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 You might see a deeply in love man and woman walking slowly in a shopping center affectionately   Once for a while the woman's hair is caressed by her lover and at the same time she gets a polite gentle kiss somewhere on her cheeks  There's no reason for  individuals who see them not to envy their  happy laughter.  You might imagine this couple must be a young couple who are dating in a shopping mall.  Well, you may be mistaken. Can you say it is a mistake if  I say they are happy elderly man and woman who are dating with all the things they both enjoy?    

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 Do you think dating is only dominated by the young?   Do you really think that way?  Are you saying old folks can't hold hands and show affection to each other in public places just like the way youngsters do? Or perhaps you've never seen people in their 50s, 60s or even 70s dating and you make a conclusion that says dating only belongs to people in their 20s, 30s and 40s?   Or if they do date, do you think they should do it in a secret manner because dating has always been associated with youngsters who fall in love to each other?  You'd better think again. As a youngster, you might be wondering how could a 58-year-old lady and a 64-year-old gentleman manage to date.  http://www.pickmeupifyoucan.com/50+ dating
It may be caused by 2 incidents    The loss of life of either one of the husband and wife and divorce can the first trigger.    When you read many Western stories of fairy tales, something like Cinderella or the sleeping beauty, you will find a classic story that is told in the end of the story.    It is told in the stories they have a happy life till the end of days following the wedding day of the mighty prince and kind-hearted humble little lady   It's truly wonderful to have such an idea  But you have to deal with spending the rest of your life with your husband or wife   You will spend 50 years with the marital status written as married on your ID card if your wedding day is held when you are 30 and you will still continue your life till you reach 80. That is 20 years longer compared to your 30 years of life as a single.  A husband and wife will live their 5 decades of life and have to encounter many problems or difficulties.       
No one should expect divorce to take place in a married life, but regardless all the promises they have made in the very early stage of marriage, unfortunately divorce can sometimes be something unavoidable.   Another cause of separation is death that can happen to any one of the married couple.     Premature death is something no one expects. But how would someone deals with the loss of his or her spouse? 

The second reason for senior dating is the fact that a man or a woman has never got married. Elderly people might envy people with ordinary life. They may prefer to have a spouse, children and grandchildren of their own. Nevertheless quite often we find a single 51-year-old man who finds it difficult to get an acquaintance of a female. This is something that is not easy to comprehend how come romantic relationship is a difficult matter to get for several individuals.Somebody from a good family who are smart, easy going and charming isn't necessarily easy for him or her to find a date and someone who doesn't have good characteristics to be labeled as fun, clever and perhaps rich may find it very easy to have a boyfriend or girlfriend

Regardless of their age, humans are social beings for sure and it means they can't live alone no matter what the circumstances are.   Some people can cope a little bit with loneliness they have for being a single and they might get involved in social activities, make many friends and live happier.  Even so, many may wish to have a date. 

We should find similarities in dating-related stuff between younger and older folks. They will find it easier to find a date who have the same hobby, favorite food etc. For seniors, love can also come in many different ways and love at the first sight is not something uncommon and unusual. We can find romanticism too on dating of folks in their 50+ dating, 60s or perhaps even 70s and 80s. You may see flowers to be given on a date, a platinum ring to be worn on her finger or any other symbols of love to be given to the woman. Their loved ones will probably judge whether or not they should continue the relationship. It is the same as parents giving suggestions to their teen whether or not the relationship should go on. go to this site for more information

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