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 It must be a quite common view to see a couple showing their affection to each other in public places such as a mall.   Occasionally the man caresses the woman's hair gracefully and gives her a kiss on her cheek.  There's no reason for  individuals who see them not to envy their  happy laughter.  You could possibly picture them as 2 youngsters who fall in love to each other killing their time in a shopping center.   You can't be kidding   I can't be mistaken to wonder if they are 63 year old man and 60 year old lady who are having a relationship and together they share good things they have in common.   

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  "Elderly people can't date." Is that what you are saying?   Do you really think that way?  Are you saying old folks can't hold hands and show affection to each other in public places just like the way youngsters do? Or perhaps you've never seen people in their 50s, 60s or even 70s dating and you make a conclusion that says dating only belongs to people in their 20s, 30s and 40s?   Is a public place not a suitable place for 2 seniors who fall in love to each other to show a bit intimacy?  You need to think again about this.   Why would a senior man has a dating appointment with a senior lady?  click on this link
 Two things can well be the trigger.  Divorce and death of one of the couple can be the number one cause.    Classic western stories like Cinderella and the sleeping beauty show us the same finals  After the prince and the good peasant girl get married, they live happily ever after and nothing more to be told because it's the end of the story.   The post marriage joy that we read form the tales is just an awesome thing However, probably the rest half a century of your lifetime is something that you must think about seriously  You will spend 50 years with the marital status written as married on your ID card if your wedding day is held when you are 30 and you will still continue your life till you reach 80. That is 20 years longer compared to your 30 years of life as a single.  A husband and wife will live their 5 decades of life and have to encounter many problems or difficulties.       
No one should expect divorce to take place in a married life, but regardless all the promises they have made in the very early stage of marriage, unfortunately divorce can sometimes be something unavoidable.   Besides divorce, demise can surely be the other reason for couple separation. Everyone will expect longevity for her and her partners, but many things can happen and  many times one of the couple passes away and the living one should live the rest of his/her life. 

The second reason for senior dating is the fact that a man or a woman has never got married. They might want to choose to have a normal ordinary life. These people may be dreaming of spending the remaining years of their life with a wife or husband and raising the off springs of their married children. Nevertheless quite often we find a single 51-year-old man who finds it difficult to get an acquaintance of a female. This is something that is not easy to comprehend how come romantic relationship is a difficult matter to get for several individuals. Socio-economy status, easygoingness, smartness and charm are not the determining factor for someone to be able or not able find a soul mate.

Regardless of their age, humans are social beings for sure and it means they can't live alone no matter what the circumstances are.  Single elderly people might try to cope with their being alone and try to find community based gathering and find some new pals.  Nevertheless most will still want to have someone more than just a good companion.  
There is really no difference at all between the young and the old when we talk about anything that is related to dating and just like a young person it's easier to find a match to someone who has many things in common. For seniors, love can also come in many different ways and love at the first sight is not something uncommon and unusual. We can find romanticism too on dating of folks in their 50+ dating, 60s or perhaps even 70s and 80s. An older man can ask a senior woman to be his date by giving her flowers or put a wedding ring onto her ring finger on their wedding day. Just like boys and girls in their teens, they too will get advice on their relationship from closest friends and family members.  50+ dating
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