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  Within a retail complex a man holds the hand of his girlfriend affectionately    Occasionally the man caresses the woman's hair gracefully and gives her a kiss on her cheek.  Their happy laughter makes people around envy them .  You might imagine this couple must be a young couple who are dating in a shopping mall.   You can't be kidding There is nothing wrong to say this happy couple is in their 60 and they are enjoying a good quality of togetherness    

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  Do you really believe only the young can enjoy dating ? You don't believe the ridiculous myth, do you?   Will you be saying people in their 50s can't show everyone that  they are having relationship? Or perhaps you even have your own opinion that suggests dating is not for seniors?   Is a public place not a suitable place for 2 seniors who fall in love to each other to show a bit intimacy? You'd better think again. There must be reasons why elderly men and women meet and have boyfriend and girlfriend like relationship.  go here
 Two things can well be the trigger.  Divorce and death of one of the couple can be the number one cause.   Whenever you look through numerous story tales such as The Sleeping Beauty as well as Cinderella,  you will discover the same story.  It is told in the stories they have a happy life till the end of days following the wedding day of the mighty prince and kind-hearted humble little lady   It's truly wonderful to have such an idea  You need to think about many years after marriage  Let's say you live till the age of 80 and you have your wedding at the age of 30. It's very likely that your life as a married person is longer than the one as a single free person.  A husband and wife will live their 5 decades of life and have to encounter many problems or difficulties.       
No one should expect divorce to take place in a married life, but regardless all the promises they have made in the very early stage of marriage, unfortunately divorce can sometimes be something unavoidable.   Besides divorce, demise can surely be the other reason for couple separation.    Premature death is something no one expects. But how would someone deals with the loss of his or her spouse? 

The second reason for senior dating is the fact that a man or a woman has never got married. Elderly people might envy people with ordinary life. A faithful spouse, grown up children who are settled with their life and several playful grandkids are perhaps a luxury We know there are some people maintain their status of being singles till their older stage of life. No one knows exactly why some people find it very hard to get married. Any kinds of good and bad characteristics of people such as being a cool fun person can't be said to be the standardized traits for someone to easily get a date.

Because we are social creatures, no matter if we are young or old, we need to meet and communicate with someone if we want to maintain our sanity. A number of people can easily manage to overcome solitude as a result of being an unmarried person by being active in social organizations or by making as many buddies as possible. Even so, many may wish to have a date.

There is really no difference at all between the young and the old when we talk about anything that is related to dating and just like a young person it's easier to find a match to someone who has many things in common. For seniors, love can also come in many different ways and love at the first sight is not something uncommon and unusual. Senior dating also has romantic sides. A elderly woman may expect a bunch of flower for a first date and also a ring on her wedding.  People around them will be most likely to assess the relationship, whether or not it is a healthy relationship, similar to teenagers who receive the same thing most likely from their parents.  go to this page
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