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  Within a retail complex a man holds the hand of his girlfriend affectionately    They do romantic things such as  hugging and caressing. Their happy laughter makes people around envy them .  You could possibly picture them as 2 youngsters who fall in love to each other killing their time in a shopping center.  Well, you may be mistaken. Can you say it is a mistake if  I say they are happy elderly man and woman who are dating with all the things they both enjoy?    

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 Do you think dating is only dominated by the young?   You don't believe the ridiculous myth, do you?  Are you saying old folks can't hold hands and show affection to each other in public places just like the way youngsters do? Or perhaps you even have your own opinion that suggests dating is not for seniors?  If they can manage to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, do they need to date in a quiet manner?   You need to think again about this. As a youngster, you might be wondering how could a 58-year-old lady and a 64-year-old gentleman manage to date.  50+ dating
 Two things can well be the trigger.  Divorce and death of one of the couple can be the number one cause.    Classic western stories like Cinderella and the sleeping beauty show us the same finals  It is told in the stories they have a happy life till the end of days following the wedding day of the mighty prince and kind-hearted humble little lady  It's really nice to think about it that way, though.  You need to think about many years after marriage  You will spend 50 years with the marital status written as married on your ID card if your wedding day is held when you are 30 and you will still continue your life till you reach 80. That is 20 years longer compared to your 30 years of life as a single. Many things can happen during that long life period.       
No one should expect divorce to take place in a married life, but regardless all the promises they have made in the very early stage of marriage, unfortunately divorce can sometimes be something unavoidable.   The loss of life of one of the couple could be the number two thing that separates a married couple.  Most couple would expect to live up to 100 years, but what will happen if death separates them in their 50s for example? The living should manage to deal with how he or she must live for the rest of his/her life. 

The rising phenomenon of being a single till later life may well explain why some people over 50 do date. A kind of life that most people of that age live on is probably something they are willing to have. A caring husband or wife to share problems and happiness, children in their late 20s or 30s who have happy and successful life and one or two or three smart lovely grandchildren making loud cheerful noises and perhaps mess to light up the home he or she lives in, these things are what most of them probably would like to have for real. On the other hand, nowadays quite many senior individuals still find it hard to a spouse for themselves. This is something that is not easy to comprehend how come romantic relationship is a difficult matter to get for several individuals. Socio-economy status, easygoingness, smartness and charm are not the determining factor for someone to be able or not able find a soul mate.

No matter how old we are, we can't live alone and spend the whole day, week or month without seeing someone at all. Single elderly people might try to cope with their being alone and try to find community based gathering and find some new pals. Nevertheless most will still want to have someone more than just a good companion. We should find similarities in dating-related stuff between younger and older folks. They will find it easier to find a date who have the same hobby, favorite food etc. For older people, those who are from different genders may have a special relationship in many unexpected way and first sight love isn't something rare. We can find romanticism too on dating of folks in their 50+ dating, 60s or perhaps even 70s and 80s. You may see flowers to be given on a date, a platinum ring to be worn on her finger or any other symbols of love to be given to the woman. They may also get support or even resentment from closest people including their children, siblings and other family members about the relationship, just like a female teenager who often gets advises from her parents or friends on her boyfriend. 50+ dating

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