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[<a href=http://coxseo.com/10-sources-of-free-backlinks/" target="_blank" " target="_blank">Backlinks] are still one of the most important factors for a good search engine ranking. This will change not great in the foreseeable future, as the major search engines Google and BING have built their algorithm on the evaluation of link structures. Although many additional factors (eg, the inclusion of in recent years, website performance ) added to the importance of backlinks, but this has not changed.

How to tackle the Tips:

The following five strategies are sometimes a bit more time consuming than the methods of the previous post, but the wine produced backlinks that long endure and potentially more link power can deliver. It is important when backlink building - as everywhere in the field of target="_blank" SEO - especially the own persistence.

Public User Profiles:

Many portals offer at public user profiles, which can be indexed by search engines (among other page report). The trick now is to not simply write a backlink and hope that the page is indexed by Google, but fundamentally, unique and detail complete the profile. Due to the low content density and the similarity to other user profiles, the profile page is otherwise very easy to get stuck in one of Google's relevancy filter.

User profiles are most often related to contributions from. Regular (Board) contributions "friends-with" improve, and similar ways the degree of relevancy in addition. Another service that is well suited for profile backlinks, is Flickr . This is based on the profile pages no nofollow attribute and therefore delivers good backlinks.

Write guest articles:

In almost every area, there are editorial portals that look forward to a guest article. Guest article (editorial texts which are published on an alien portal) are an ideal way to get free backlinks. At the same time they help to build an expert status and return visitors to your website. It is important to write guest articles always in areas where it knows itself very well. So the writing is slightly out of hand and the free backlinks is no obstacle.

Publish extensions for common CMS:

It often happens that are written for customers or for their own use CMS Extensions. These may be useful extensions for TYPO3, Joomla or WordPress. If these are designed from the outset so that others can use, can be very easily collect backlinks with extensions. The simplest method is to deposit the relevant backlinks in the Documentation or as an author info.

Publish PHP and AJAX scripts:

It also supports PHP Scripts are good for the back link building. They can be both free and available for a fee on various portals. Backlinks there regardless. Known portals for the release of PHP scripts include php-resource and php-free . The better a script is evaluated here, the further forward it is listed on the portals. All the more value is then obtained backlink.

similar books, templates, icons give away:

There are many bloggers who like to talk about Freebie actions such as the giving of eBooks, templates or icons. These may be things that have been developed within the framework of its projects, experiences or new builds that serve the sole purpose of backlink generation. Good freebies spread almost by itself as soon as the starting gun (eg, was given a posting on Twitter).

Organize Sweepstakes:

Contests are the same marketing campaign as backlink suppliers. Above all, the raffle of virtual goods, this is good for the backlink structure, since it apart from some time not cost anything. Examples are "gains one question to our experts," "win a free test account" etc.

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