8 tips for great hairstyles!

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Braids, buns and more buns: target="_blank" hairstyles, this is your thing. And because everyone is not a virtuoso of his 10 fingers, we gave our people and tested for you 8 tips for easy styling. It works ... The proof by 8!

1. To hold a bun without clamps:


- Two elastic

- A bun

Directed by:

- Make a tail held high horse at the top of the skull

- Tie it with your elastic

- "Thread" the bun along your ponytail

- Fold your target="_blank" hair evenly around the bun

- Place your second elastic around the bun

- Push your hair under the bun and voila! 2. To hold a flat-nose pliers

It is customary to put the smooth side against the skull clamp. ERROR! To fit, place the notched part of the clip against your skull, as in the photo.

3. Fit to braid without an elastic :

You do not have elastic on hand? No problem: to hold a braid without an elastic, frankly backcomb the tips of your hair, once you've braided. And here.The small "+": if you lacquer, it's even better to apply a bit after having crimped.

4. Hide a line:

Brown often have a marked line, in contrast with the color of their skin. To hide it, choose a color eyeshadow similar to your hair color lid, moisten a brush and apply the color along your line. That's it!

5. Making a bun. Bun a little original:

Tired of the bun that you see everywhere? Add a braid around. equipment: - Three elastic - A bun.


Apply the same method as for the bun bun. The only difference consists in isolating a lock of your hair, braid and wrap it around your bun when you have achieved. The little "+": if you are not familiar with the African braid, braid made simple.

6. Hide his white hair with mascara :

There are hair mascara . If you do not have on hand and you need to hide some inconvenient, choose a color mascara close to your hair color (black mascara for dark black brown hair, brown mascara for blonde hair to light brown).

7. Fleshing out a thin braid:

To expand a braid (epi or classic) a little too fine, the trick is to pull gently on each strand and the entire length.

8. Give volume to a ponytail:

The ponytail is not restricted to thick hair. . If you have very fine hair and want to cheat on the volume start by gathering your hair in half-cock

Under the first clip, collect the last hair in a second ponytail: covered by the first, we do not see not.

Result: hair that looks thicker and longer.

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