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Let's face it. Juggling it all isn't easy. The career. The family. The friends. It's hard enough finding time to wash your hair, never mind undertake a lifestyle overhaul.

But there's good news! Being fit and healthy should never be about pressuring yourself into perfection, but rather adopting small, manageable moves that get you there little by little.

A Change A Day

  1. Motivate yourself. Make a list of all the benefits you wish to receive by improving your lifestyle.
  2. Plan! Make an exercise schedule or meal plan that you can stick to – and afford!
  3. Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  4. Go for a 20 minute walk with a friend.
  5. Take your dog to the beach or park.
  6. Watch a comedy and have a belly laugh.
  7. Eat your favourite chocolate!
  8. Swap the fizzy drinks for water.
  9. Go swing in the park.
  10. Sing at the top of your voice in the shower or car.
  11. Start the day with a smoothie.
  12. Go for a swim.
  13. Have a shot of wheatgrass.
  14. Try something new. A yoga class. Zumba. Spinning.
  15. Cut out caffeine for the day.
  16. Go meat-free.
  17. Go to bed 2 hours earlier than usual. No reading or TV or internet. Just rest.
  18. Meditate for 20 minutes.
  19. Ride your bicycle to work or to run an errand instead of driving.
  20. Skip for 5 mins.
  21. Ditch refined food. Swap white bread for whole grain, and white rice for wild rice.
  22. Have a 20 minute dance-off!
  23. Do a favour for someone.
  24. Challenge yourself. Run a little faster. Walk a little further. Stretch a little longer.
  25. Don't skip breakfast!
  26. Have fruit or veg at every meal.
  27. Swap your office chair for a medicine ball.
  28. Get your blood pressure checked.
  29. Focus on your core. Pay attention to your posture and keep your back straight and abs tucked in.

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