A Glance at Vority's 6-Port USB Wall charger

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USB chargers have become sort of a necessity nowadays, especially because the introduction of USB technology has standardized the mediums not only for data transfer but also for recharging the batteries of your most commonly used gadgets. These include mobile phones, tablets, cameras, speakers and other powered devices.

Because of the constant need to recharge the batteries of several devices, many  companies have capitalized on the production of universal chargers that can recharge multiple devices at a single time. One such company is Vority. 

Vority has produced a number of different types of chargers, the more popular ones being those that have 3 USB ports. However, because of the demand for chargers with even more ports, Vority has decided to release a 6-Port USB Charger.

This charger has so far been very useful for a lot of people, particularly those who have multiple gadgets, and for families or groups of friends living together. The fact that it has 6 ports means that it can accommodate up to 6 devices, so that you and your friends can charge your gadgets immediately without having to debate on whose turn it is next.

The 6-Port USB Charger is also compatible with a lot of devices, including any iPod and iPhone gadgets, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Notes, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones, MP3 and MP4 players, PSP, chargeable cameras, chargeable speakers, and most other devices that use either USB2.0 or USB3.0. One should note, however, that there are some of devices that it can’t support, namely, Blackberry Playbook, Lumia (versions 920, 1020, 1320, 1520, 2520), HP Touchpad, Nook, and Motorola Xoom.

The charger is also very ideal for either home or office use, especially because it was designed so that it won’t take up too much space. It is also very convenient because you no longer have to keep looking for several separate wall sockets just to be able to charge your favorite devices. This way, you can just plug in all of your devices at a single charger so you can monitor them all at the same time without having to move around the house or office. This saves you a lot of time and energy so you can do other things and still keep track of all the devices you’ve got plugged in.

Another thing about this multiple-port charger is that it is set to automatically stop charging a device once it is fully charged. This helps prevent any short circuits from happening. It also saves your gadget’s battery from being over-charged, which is something you want to avoid unless you want your gadget’s lifespan to become significantly shorter.

There are many more things that can be said about Vority’s [6-Port USB Charger|Rapid Wall Charger|6 Port Wall Charger, but the most basic things have been pretty much covered here. If there are any reasons for you to want to buy this multiple-port charger, it would be because its compatibility with multiple gadgets, capacity to accommodate up to 6 devices at the same time, and the safety features that have been included in its design.

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