A Lot Better Compared to A Spare Battery

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Having a 3000 mAh battery locations this battery pack in the reduced wide range of battery packs. Inside suffices power to charge most cell phones when. I use it to charge my Galaxy Note 2, practically obtain one complete charges (the Note 2 has a big 3,100 mAh Battery).

The size is extremely portable as well as could be quickly slipped right into a pocket or handbag as well as neglected.

The layout is straightforward as well as straight forward, as well as extremely functional. Having an all plastic physical body offers it light yet solid. The matte finish makes it extremely easy grip without sliding. In the hand, it has a solid feel, great as well as sturdy. The size is comparable to a big children "Elmer's Glue Stick".

The input/output ports are on the exact same end, with the specs on the other. To activate the battery as well as present the battery degree light bulbs, simply press the power switch.

The best part is exactly how small as well as powerful it is. Likewise, the charging wire coincides color as the battery pack.

FUNCTIONS: Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh. Input Port: 5V/1A. Output Port: 5V/1A.

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