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If you haven't heard of it yet, there is a new "player" around. It is an online store called Gfurn Design Furniture and are blown away having its modern design furniture and accessories. If you get uninterested in Ikea-style self-assembly kit on Sunday afternoon and possess had an adequate amount of the same furniture seen over and over again, you need to take a look at their site. Great quality guaranteed, full customization provided with a large selection of colours/materials, along with a responsive customer support.

Not only you'll get a great piece of furniture but Gfurn will also offer free premium delivery to your residence on orders over $750. Yes, you heard me: a FREE premium delivery service, so that you will have a two-person team delivering your furniture inside your apartment, unwrapping the therapy lamp AND bringing the cartons and packaging material back! For Free! I am actually stunned to still find some businesses that really care about customer support. Personally, I prefer to take a seat and watch. No frustration. No lumbar pain. And I are aware that most of the online furniture stores offer free shipping but only at the front door of the building, meaning if you live for the 5th floor, all the best . carrying it. That being said, makes sure that you just read and view the purchase conditions before placing an order on any online furniture stores. I have seen many reviews of unhappy individuals who scared me!

Back to Gfurn, I really wished to share what I discovered their quality. Especially for iconic reproduction furniture that you see everywhere, like mid-century style. At first glance, reproductions look quite a similar on pictures however they are really different and do not have the identical quality. You probably heard of fake leather or cheap wool/polyester. I guess almost all of the furniture companies use cheap materials as inputs to generate more profits, but what I love about Gfurn is their desire to provide the best quality at decent prices. And reading their "About Us" page, you will comprehend the reason why they import straight from manufacturers across the world: there are no middlemen that add cost. I viewed other stores and I was surprised to see prices doubled. That's exactly what I really like about them, their transparency as well as their willingness to provide the best. If you wish to pay attention to yourself, you can find material samples online. Isn't that great! You will be able to touch and notice the material in order to find the perfect colour to match into your interior. Personally, I like to touch and notice the quality before I buy some furniture, NO bad surprises.

Last advice, while navigating from the website, make sure you have a look at the delivery time before ordering, as some products are in stock (fast delivery) yet others (specifically their mid-century collection) usually takes a bit of time, depending for the specific colours/materials you are going to select. But don't accept less! As long as you are getting the ideal match, I guess it's worth waiting.Visit GFURN Bookcases Collection now !

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