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Carrying around your charger when you travel is necessary, but with all of the gadgets that you may own, bringing each charger for each of them can take up a huge space inside your luggage. Bringing their USB cords is okay, but where can you plug them in? A USB power adaptor is the solution.

A USB power adaptor is an alternative to a device’s regular charger. You can use your device’s USB cord and connect it to a USB power adaptor to recharge it. This electronic accessory is convenient for those that need to pack light or has no space in their desk to store multiple cords; you can then just store your gadgets’ USB cords and then bring a USB power adaptor and you’ll be set in recharging them. But there are cases when you need to connect more than one device at the same time. This is when you can take advantage of a dual usb power adaptor.

The Vority dual usb power adaptor is a new product designed for those who own gadgets that eat up their battery life quickly. It has two USB ports to it so that you can then connect two devices in one go.

The Vority dual usb power adaptor is compatible with any mobile electronic device available. It can easily charge iPhones and iPads, as well as other tablets and smartphones. You can also connect your mp3 player and GPS device to it for recharging. You don’t need to also worry about which USB port you’ll need to connect it with; this USB power adaptor can adapt to the required power that your gadget will need.

The Vority dual usb power adaptor is a great travel buddy. You can plug it into any wall outlet available and it will be compatible; its input range is 100v-240v and you will not need any kind of converter just to use this. The prongs to connect to a wall outlet are also foldable so they can be protected and at the same time they also make this power adaptor more compact. Its size is 2.6 inches high, 2.1 inches wide and 1.1 inches long and weighing at 3.25oz; you can bring this with you anywhere.

As with all electronic accessories, the Vority dual usb power adaptor has a few safety features. It can switch itself off when it detects that the device that it charges is already full to prevent overcharging. It also has an LED indicator to tell you if the device that you are using is plugged properly or not. It is made out of materials that can withstand high temperatures and is fire-resistant for additional protection.

No matter what kind of mobile device you have, it will work with the Vority dual usb power adaptor. Its two USB ports work well for USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 cords. With this power adaptor, you can use your gadgets while you are charging them. It also comes in black and white to suit your preference.

The Vority dual usb power adaptor is a great way for you to charge up your gadgets but not worry about looking for which charger will go with them. This will save you time in both connecting your device and having them charged quickly.

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