A catalogue of a couple of the major pharma firms in the Nordic region

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Anthrop Pharma is a highly focused company within the Swedish med care sector, aimed towards the commercialization of advanced treatments to serve unmet healthcare demands. Its business is largely contingent on joint ventures and thorough partnerships with top pharmaceutical and medical tech businesses with dreams to sell off and advertise their goods in the Scandinavian regions but who are lacking in their visibility on site.

Founded by Peter Prahl, its strong points include things like pharmaceutical drugs as well as medical tech. They provide an excellent level of expertise and industry know-how within many different medical fields such as diabetology, hematology, and oncology, immunology, vaccines, infection and urology.

Baxter International, via its branches, develops, fabricates and advertises goods that save and sustain the existence of individuals with blood diseases, immune system ailments, infectious diseases, renal ailments, trauma, and various other persistent and critical health conditions.

As an international, multifaceted med care business, Baxter enforces its own mixture of knowledge of med gadgets, pharmaceuticals and biotech to create products that move forward patient therapy internationally. Baxter had 2013 revenue of 15.3 billion dollars and has close to 61,500 employees.

Founded in the early thirties by Donald Baxter, Baxter’s Medical Products Business makes services used in the supply of fluids and medication to patients. These include intravenous solutions and administration packages, premixed medicines and drug-reconstitution methods, IV nutrient products, infusion pumps and breathable anesthetics.

The business also delivers services or products pertaining to drugstore synthesizing, chemical formulation and packing systems. Moreover, Baxter's Medical Products business is a pacesetter in kidney home solutions, such as peritoneal dialysis, and offers other products and solutions for people with an end-stage renal system condition.

Octapharma was founded in 1983 on the fundamental rule of enhancing the lives of patients. Since that time, the organisation has continued to be dedicated to its collective duty to the trust imbued in it by health professionals and customers worldwide. In 2012, the Octapharma Board revealed the key administrative creeds which will result in the accomplishment of the organisation’s serious, continued aspirations.

Wolfgang Marguerre, Chairman of Octapharma Group, repeated the company’s position, stating that "The foundation of our individuality is our patient-oriented business culture. We seek to increase our product or service profile to get into the multinational industry; to get into the recombinant industry effectively; to enhance blood provisions and, all the way through, to develop a healthy organisation with happy and accomplished workers and to consistently have receptive and transparent interactions. These tactical tenets, we trust, will be responsible for even further accomplishments and lucrative natural development. These primary elements determine our upcoming resource opportunities and will continue to drive our internal and external pursuits."

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