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The demand of surviving in Singapore is costly and there is no doubt that the government is seizing all chance it can get hold of to continue change this small little island. It is quite a shame that those little and old HDB apartments are now slowly being tear down so better units and houses can be started to allow the place look more modernised and firsthand. Not mentioning those kampong and stand-alone houses where it used to store a historical past.

Tiong Bahru Estate is both of Singapore¡¯s familiar housing estates and the country¡¯s long-established suburban area. It is popular for its estate establishment manner of the Streamline Modern shared with the regional Straits Settlement shop-house building that is popular in South East Asia. This part of Singapore was also known for its dwellers being aristocrats as well as the wealthy and the top.

With that being the estate¡¯s reputation, it is no wonder that Keppel Land has selected to approve this land for upcoming building. This Tiong Bahru new introduction, Highline Residences will be deliberately placed at the intersection of Tiong Bahru Road and Kim Tian Road, where citizens only has to take a short car ride to Orchard road, being Singapore¡¯s most renowned shopping haven. Some other perks that the Kim Tian condo is familiar to would be Marina Bay and Sentosa Island. Keppel Land yearns to create this Tiong Bahru condo for the goal of supplying simple things in life that flows to top relaxation moments.

The amount of stress in Singapore is rising and comparison here never ceases. At times, Singaporeans should consistently take a chill pill and possess a life of lavishness and away from their regular daily lives as they relax themselves in leisure. Before this Kim Tian new launch is going to be made obtainable, we can tell that expectation is increasing towards this latest introduction to the Tiong Bahru estate and countless eyes are on it.

Come to their page for additional details: Highline Residence, Highline Residences, Tiong Bahru New Launch.

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