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With the publicity concerning cafes in Singapore amidst the teens and young adults, we are looking more and more exciting and unique cafes being known all around our city. Cafes are now taking on a new rank of being a cafe, it melds the unique lifestyle of traditions and customers by making all together and making it into one where buddies get to lighten down and chill over at a cafe.

Coffeemin is purely a cafe in Singapore that modifies the impression of the cafe for the customers of Singapore. In here, everyone is unbound to be yourself where you can labor, explore a book, play board games, get familiar with good people, drink and eat as abundant as you wish. In other words, you are free to do anything you like as long as you regard the space and the other clients in it. Entirety is without charge with the exception of the time you consume, and by paying for the time, you can help us sustain the Coffeemin community and keep your home away from home!

Placed in the CBD area, our cafe performs like a CBD coworking space in Singapore where people can be in an out of the working environment to finalize their assignment. A home away from home perception it can bring, Coffeemin is your office away from office too. You can obtain pals here by signing up any Coffeemin community or you can hang out with your friends. Feel free to use Coffeemin cafe as a co-working space, read a book, play games to destress or get familiar with identical people.

On top of that, you simply pay for the time at a reasonable fee of 6 bucks an hour or a maximum of $30 a day and obtain an endless supply of cookies and soft drinks or other hot beverages. Permit yourself connected with the fast speed wifi or treat yourself with some Xbox and board games or unleash your imagination run out as you get yourself addicted to the many books and magazines.

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