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Everyone wishes for a bag. From the time when we go to school when we were a small kid, we all require a bag, be it tiny or huge. Bags works as a critical requirement to keep kits and our possessions when we go out. Our mothers have handbags and purses while our fathers carry briefcase and slim wallets to work. It has surely become an significant tool to our lives. Wallets for women are also one of the vital item placed in their handbags.

What created as a family trade over a century in Kirn, Germany, has now turn into a universal symbol of design, strength and trustworthiness. Respected by numerous executives, favoured by visitors all around the earth and desired by fashionistas from Singapore all the way to Moscow. Every Bruan Buffel leather creation is a authentic illustration of this brand's solid craftsmanship, everlasting interest and a history of distinction that goes all the way back from a hundred years ago.

From one generation to five generations ago, one renowned legacy after another. The Braun family did not just change the German leather making into just a effortless present fashion statement, it also sparked off a worldwide passion for fine leather goods. With each generation came new ideas and more inspiring designs by the very inventive people like Karl-Heinz Bruan and Christiane Brunk.

With the various branches and retailers located all roundabout Europe and Asia Pacific, the exquisite craftsmanship of this company's leather products can now be yours to appreciate. Designer bags come at a price and the bullicon is more than just a symbol of power. The buffalo symbolises power and dependability which are the very facts that people across the globe have come to delight in. Whether or not you are fashion forward or value conscious, you can be sure to indulge in our luxury bags, leather bags and wallets for both females.

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