A wireless charger incorporated with a 4-port USB charger

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Do you dislike placing your devices in different areas in your house because of the limited number of outlets? Don’t you hate those tangling wires and the heavy multiple chargers and instead want to go into the hype of wireless alternatives? USB chargers are still the most useful as they can often be used for many types of devices without being choosy. More like a universal charger for all your gadgets.

Now here comes this fashionable and genius charger design. It is the Qi-standard inductive power charger. Using a electrical power transmission pad, you can charge your Qi-enabled device just by putting the batteries or the device itself within a maximum of four centimeters away from the transmission pad.

The problem with this nice little invention is that it can only charge a handful of devices plus the one that is manufactured with Qi tech enabled. If you don’t have those devices, you can buy yourself a separate Qi-standard receiver to couple with your Qi-standard charger. That is a bit bothersome, to be honest. The solution to this is to have a wireless USB charger. The problem is that this wasn’t in the market up until recently.

Some genius finally decided to save everyone else the trouble of buying five separate chargers for their many devices and combined a USB charger and a Qi-standard wireless charger in one nifty device.

They call it the Vority Qi-standard and 4-port USB charger. As the name implies, it has 4 USB ports plus another great feature, the Qi-standard inductive power transmitter. Given that the ports have specs that are not universal, you can still charge a maximum of two tablets and two mobile phones in addition to the Qi-enabled device charging via inductive power transfer. That’s a whopping total of five devices that will charge from just one outlet parallel!

You won’t have to go all over and get lost in a flood of wires just to get your chargers into your power outlets. All you need is one and you’re good to go. And they charge in a quick-charger speed, the number of devices charging not compromising the performance of the charger. For a new product, this wireless USB charger got everyone else all beat.

It also has safety features so you won’t have to worry a nick about your gadgets. The charger is made of heat proof materials and is made to charge all five devices at full speed without overheating. Also, you don’t have to worry about that mobile phone placed on top of your wireless charger. It won’t burst into flames, they assure you. Just to show just how confident they are with their charger, they even got this amazing guarantee. Within two years, if something appears to be wrong with your charger, they are going to replace it. Amazing, huh? Apparently, that’s how sure they are that you’re not going to need a replacement anytime soon.

Forget about those bulky USB chargers and wall adapters. You can have them all in one with this new combined 4-port plus Qi-standard 4 port USB wireless charger—quite amazing for a something made to fill up your devices’ battery power.

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