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First showed by the ambition of creating a business that most would want to be connected with, while never losing sight of creating an business with a firm work ethic- these were some of the ideologies that styled to a urbanity of never compromising. Whether or not in its quality, people or interactions with their colleagues. These tenets are the foundations upon which this company, Strontium has developed its repute on- from being Singapore's greatest playing to earning its position between global bosses in the memory market.

Strontium Technology Pte Ltd is a universal brand in PC and flash memory manufacturing currently based out of Singapore. As of today, we have a whole of developing bulk of 500,000 memory modules and 7 000 000 flash products every month. mainly founded in the year 2002, we have since grown from strength to strength. Currently, our machineriesspan varied territories and we serve consumers from all over the world. We arrange deals like computer memory upgrade, storage device, sale of 120 gb ssd drive, 240 gb ssd drive, 32 gb micro sd card, ddr3 memory, sd cards, ssd drives and various USB drives to kingdoms like Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, India, Middle East, Africa, US, Canada and Latin America. All in all, we sustain a tough market occurrence in more than 30 countries.

Here at Strontium, clients, employees and contributors alike are viewed with same significance and worth. We believe that this is involved for us to advance a tough, consistent and cooperative functioning habit which permits the forging of solid industrial and customer relations internationally.

Other deals that connects with desktop memory, Evm memory, memory upgrade, USB storage, USB cards, laptop ram, memory manufacturers, micro SD cards, solid state drive, USB flash drive, memory products and upgrading of SSD can all be settled here at Strontium.

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