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Plastics are a/an necessities in our life that we come in interaction with daily. It is a substance that arrives in various appearances and present users with lots of purpose and value. So then, how do we preserve these plastics where we are inform to recycle them because plastics are non-biodegradable. We must first know and realise well its intention and how it is being produced.

T&C Plastic Moulding was mainly established in SIngapore in the year 2000 as Precision and Micro-moulding Plastics supplier. We are a company that is prepared with skills that let us to preserve on a wide choices of products in the Optics/photonics, healthcare, computer, electronics and military industries. Having more than 20 years of niche appearance in Plastic tooling design and exactness injection shaping for different products. Some of which consist of imagine prisms for video eyewear, fibre optics for communications and interconnections devices.

One of the targets the business has set out is to improve the performance of our patrons by presenting technological freeform keys that can express noticeable company value. Through its unfathomable trade knowledge, T & C is able to give innovative and wonderful plans that is modified specifically for each clients¡¯ wants.

The fresnel lens are also available with us. Additionally, some of the special deals that we do are as follows: Design and Fabrication, Injection Molding, Value-added processes, quality meteorology and value proposition. We work our best to offer innovative and wonderful solutions to our users in our great high speed molding facilities.

Come to our page for more information: Fresnel, Optics, <a title="Prism" href=""> Prism</a>.

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