Advice Regarding Buying a BBQ Grill Mat

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Non-stick BBQ Grill mats have recently experienced a sizable growth in popularity, and that is definitely not unusual, considering that they do introduce many real benefits and advantages to the process of barbecuing.

How are bbq grilling mats made? In essence BBQ grill mats are a fiberglass material, protected utilizing a non-stick, heat-resistant covering of poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene, also named PTFE. Vital Point: The FDA permits PTFE-coated culinary utensils to be utilized only at temperature levels below 500 degrees Farenheit.

Ways you could be swindled So any adverts you spot for "Extra High Temperature Mats" or "Military Grade High Heat Mats" or "Industrial Quality 600 degree Mats" are without a doubt nothing more than marketing attention-grabbers. You at no time want to use any non-stick kitchenware at temperatures higher than 500 degrees.

Are all bbq grilling mats the same ? Theoretically, all bbq grill mats are actually alike-- given that they're all made out of identical substances. Practically though, there are several significant differences to be aware of when shopping for them.

Width BBQ Grill Mats are available in many different thicknesses. We have found the ideal thickness to be 2 mil. The mats are still light enough to transmit heat swiftly, but sufficiently heavy to be long lasting and reliable.

Level of PTFE Another big difference is the level of PTFE finish on the fiberglass material. This is the most significant indicator of mat quality because it influences the longevity of the mat, the slickness of the surface and the ease of washing. Double-coated mats are generally retailed as "Professional or Commercial Quality Mats," and are actually a more durable mat.

Expert bbq grilling mats You can identify a professionala high quality mat because the tiny squares of fiberglass material are almost invisible to either sight or touch. You can not spot them and you can not perceive them on the mat's surface. On lesser quality mats you can both feel and see the composition of the underlying fiberglass. Another factor to consider is the dimension of the mats. With mats, a bigger size is better because you can cut them to virtually any size you prefer. They generally are available in a thirteen inch width, but the length can vary from thirteen inches up to about 17 inches, so seek out the longer ones.

That's what you need to know To review: when you are buying a BBQ Grill Mat, search for a large size, double-coated mat at least 2 mils thick. And watch out for tricks that lay claim to extra-heat resistance.

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