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An increasingly suitable type of airsoft firearm for tactical training is the automatic electric gun, as well as AEG. AEGs have a chargeable battery that powers a small motor that turns a bunch of gears. These gears yank back and release a piston which in turn causes air to be blasted out there at a high-rate. The air ignites the pellet out of the weapon and towards the target.

Almost all airsoft semi-automatic rifles as well as machine guns are AEGs. AEGs are the most widely used airsoft gun among individuals taking part in organized airsoft skirmishes.

The biggest advantage AEGs possess over spring action airsoft guns is that you can achieve automatic or semi-automatic firing prices with them. You don't have to be able to cock anything to fire. Only pull the trigger and PEW! a 6mm plastic material pellet leaves your pistol. Higher-end AEGs are typically actual replicas of their real-life alternatives and are made of both plastic-type and metal parts. You can even add tactical accessories through your real gun to your archery version. Some AEG weapons even provide simulated recoil. Because of the 1: 1 realistic look of high-end AEGs, they're a great tool to practice gun manipulation. Many police and military units are using AEG rifles for training.

From your tactical training standpoint, the most important disadvantage of AEGs is the induce pull. With most AEGs, the trigger doesn't break up. Instead, the trigger with an AEG acts like a switch that completes a outlet. Thus, you don't encounter that "wall" like you would with a real gun. Based on the type of AEG, you might also miss out on the simulated recoil. more - webblog

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