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Vority’s Dual USB Wall Charger accommodates a wide variety of gadgets. Apple products such as iPod, iPad, iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S as well as Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, and Window products can be charged in it. Aside from that, it has a dual USB power adaptor which means that two gadgets can be plugged in and charged simultaneously.

Vority’s Dual USB Wall Charger is smart. Two gadgets from different manufacturers and/or of different wattage can be plugged at the same time. And it automatically adjusts to the wattage requirement of each gadget. So there is no risk of over-currents or short-circuits.

Vority’s Dual USB Wall Charger also contributes to safety. Aside from being made of high temperature resistant and fire proof materials, it has functions that could prevent fires and other mishaps. The dual USB power adaptor, as mentioned earlier, matches the required wattage; it also cuts off energy supply as soon as the gadget is done charging. An LED light accompanies this feature. The LED Light signals when the charging has stopped. Thus, it eliminates the tendency to over-charge.

Vority’s Dual USB Wall Charger is also very portable. It is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 3.25oz or 92 grams, and measures 2.14x1.14x2.68 inches. In addition to that is the foldable prong which makes it perfect for travelling.

Gadgets are connected to the dual USB power adaptor only through the USB cables that come with the gadgets. Therefore, it reduces the amount of cables and chargers that needs to be brought around.

This feature also doubles as energy-saving. Since it automatically cuts off electricity, it reduces energy consumption. To the busy individual, this is not only energy-saving but also time-saving. It lessens the burden of an imminent expensive electricity bill. It eliminates the need to check up on the gadgets to see if they are done charging. The few seconds previously spent going to the plug and checking one’s gadget can be devoted to another activity. Vority’s dual USB adaptor does not only optimize energy but also space. Since the dual power adaptor allows two gadgets to be plugged in one outlet, it allows other appliances or gadgets to be plugged in.

Vority’s Dual USB Power Adaptor is the perfect charger for the individual who is always juggling hectic schedules and lots of gadgets and is always up and about. Vority’s Dual USB Wall Charger is made, like smart phones and tablets, to keep up with this fast-paced and advanced lifestyle that many people live these days.

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