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Paintland Construction's Singapore image services is a art organization that supplies commercial image deals, unit art packages, express water coloring deals as well as one of the best Singapore's art contractors to regulars that may be seeking for some skillful art packages for their homes or companies. We cherish our customers and we constantly tell them that it is essential for them to be aware of what they are paying for. You ought to merit to get a hassle free art facilities from our art workers with periods of experience and competence in this area.

Giving your cozy home a new covering of 100% Nippon and Dulux excellence decorate for a fresh and clean look? Be sure to seek for us as we promise to bring out the atmosphere that you wished after easily by including new colours to your walls and wooden or metal features. We supply good and inexpensive painting services with the environmentally friendly products that we utilize.

We pride ourselves in doing a/an excellent role as a outstanding landed house painting expert too. We supposed that landed homes are not as simple as painting a HDB or a condo unit. Well scheduling and drafting is beneficial to allow stayers have a very happy experience in letting us to paint their houses. The landed homes painting services are specialised in terrace houses, semi detached houses, detached houses and good class bungalows. They are also provided with the partnerships of Nippon or Dulux to give a 5 years warranty for exterior walls painting. This is the only style to have a guaranteed warranty is to have absolute confidence in Paintland Construction.

Apart from the Nippon Painting services, we also offer epoxy painting services, waterproofing services, metal painting services, parquet varnish & marble polish as well as chemical & general cleaning that we feel may be good to our customers too.

Come to their website for additional details: Express Painting Services, Professional Painting Services, House Painting Services.

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