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Name Almagest
System Almagest System
Inhabitants Nietzscheans/Slaves
Diameter unknown
Water surface area None, just rigid wasteland
Climate Extemely hot w/ High radiation levels and major solar winds

Almagest is the inner most of 3 solid planets and 2 gas giants. The environment on Almagest is very harsh, because it's located very close to its sun, and receives a lot of solar winds and radiation. Because of the planets rigid terrain and harsh environment, most living and work takes place below the surface. It's also a Nietzshean controlled system, home of the finest shipyards in the known worlds, and manned by slaves. The planets strong magnetic field blocks most of the radiation, and it's thick atmosphere blocks the solar winds. It is owned by two men, Shig and Lipp-Sett, who also ran a game of chance using hallucinations and illusions on whoever is being bet on. After the Andromeda Ascendant arrives, Captain Dylan Hunt manages to outwit the Nietzscheans, securing the freedom of the slaves as well as hundreds of slipfighters for the restored Commonwealth.


Double Or Nothingness (4x04)

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