An Assessment on the Vority 6-Port USB Rapid Wall Charger

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Possessing more than one piece of electronic gadget has caused certain problems to people. If you could only imagine the horror of having to charge all these up simultaneously with only a limited number of wall outlets at home. The good thing now is that people no longer have to wait for one or two of their gadgets to be fully charged before they can plug in another set, all thanks to the invention of multi-port USB chargers.

Multi-port USB chargers enable its users to charge up a multiple number of electronic gadgets simultaneously . This device is capable of providing faster battery charging, and effective energy conservation.

One of the most popular multi-port USB chargers available in the market as of today is the Vority 6-port USB Charger.

The Vority 6-port USB Charger

Vority claims that its 6-port USB charger has got a lot to offer. Below are its unique features:

1. Six ports for six gadgets This charger is made with a total of six ports – three 2.4 A ports for tablets, and another three 1.0 A ports for smartphones, which enables you to charge up a maximum of six different gadgets .

2. Longer power cord This charger is equipped with a longer power cord in contrast to other chargers which provides you with a lot more convenience.

3. Power button

In contrast to other multi-port USB chargers, the Vority 6-port USB charger comes with an on and off switch. Simply turning the switch off would already allow you to save up on energy consumption without the need of actually unplugging the charger from the  socket. 

4. Convenient shape and size

5. UL-Certified With a safety certification coming from UL, the Vority 6-port USB wall charger not only provides you with faster charging, but a safe one as well. This charger has been accurately tested and approved by the proper authorities.

The Pros

Vority seems to have stayed true to its words. This multi-port charger could, indeed, charge a maximum of six different gadgets at the same time. Its ports are very much well-matched to almost any tablet or smartphone sold in the market today. The way it charges devices up is really good; the energy received by each single battery is not compromised despite the concurrent charging of the devices. The power button is also very helpful, not to mention, convenient because you could already avoid repeatedly plugging and unplugging the wall charger from the socket. Its ideal shape and size allows it to fit almost everywhere. Lastly, it comes in four different colors – black, blue, white, and yellow, so you could choose one that best fits your style.

The Cons

The longer cord attached to it is not really that convenient; it doesn’t provide too much benefit at all. A shorter one could have looked a lot better.


All in all, Vority’s 6-port USB charging station is a great buy. It’s a good option if you want faster, safer, and simultaneous charging.

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