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Austrianova is one business that does businesses that comprises high tech, life sciences and biotech. It is combined with an encapsulation technology with the living cells in bio-inery polymers. In short, we are a life science associated business that associates in the attachment of living cells or bacteria in small capsules for defense which is also acknowledged as cell encapsulation technology, isolation, storage and transportation. We were first created in the year 2007 and was recognised in Singapore's top research biotech hub, Biopolis that has global dream in having encapsulation choices like micro encapsulation.

There is a speedy increasing topic of attention in healthy repair and more detailed, in the matter of neutraceuticals which is the understanding and use of probiotic bacteria. Thus, probiotics encapsulation was built. The cell-in-a-box technology was formed by Austranova with the target to defend, detach, store and move living cells. This advanced finding can be used for various reasons and can be operated to probiotics, cosmetics and agriculture environmental protection and monitoring as well as forming the basis of a authoritative investigation instrument.

In healthcare, this knowledge aids facilitates safe embedding of cells or stem cells such as cell therapy, holding them isolated from the immune system and permitting long term production of therapeutic molecules in patients. In biotechnology, the cell-in-a-box technology defends cells in bioreactors and fermentors and at the same time, it make simpler sanitization of bioproducts manufactured from the cells and it lessen making price too.

A huge rule cGMP facility for the construction of biomedical grade encapsulated cell tools was actually fruitfully created and right now, Austrianova is in the procedure of making this capability in the whole of SE Asia. This means the use of cell-in-a-box was quite a achievement for ancreatic cancer! Basically, it is the use of encapsulated cells for cancer cell therapy from genetically modified cells over-expressing a chemo-activating enzyme to allow lower quantities of chemotherapy to be used more effectually without the common enervating side outcomes. The encapsulated cell are positioned, using supraselective catheterisation, into blood vessels that flows to the tumor where they locally change a chemotherapeutic product to its tumor toxic product.

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