Battle of Witchhead

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The Battle of Witchhead Nebula was the final action of the Nietzschean Rebellion, or Tactical Offensive, depending on who you talk to. Despite its important place in history the exact events are subject to debate and speculation, mainly because when the battle was finished, few who had seen it remained to tell the story. It was not until the Andromeda Ascendant was transported to the Battle from 300 years in the future that the true nature of it was revealed.

In CY-9786 the few remaining High Guard Ships, roughly 100, assembled in the Nebula under orders from Admiral Constanza Stark, from there they were to launch a daring attack on the Nietzschean Homeworld, Fountainhead. The Nietzscheans somehow learned of this plan and assembled their own fleet, numbering 500 by most historical accounts but which was actually made up of 1,500 ships. This was known to some however many considered it a myth.

It was realized that a Fusion Catalyst would ignite much of the Nebula, destroying the 1,000 Nietzschean Ships and restoring the Time Line. A reluctant Captain Hunt decided that the only way to preserve the future would be to annihilate the 1,000 ships with an estimated 100,000 causalities.

The Catalyst worked as expected and set much of the Nebula ablaze and those ships not incinerated were out of position when the High Guard arrived, making it possible for the two Fleets to mutual annihilate each other. By the time the battle was over the leading Drago-Kazov Pride suffered enough losses to encourage several other smaller prides, lead by the Jaguar, to turn on them, thus ending the Nietzschean Alliance.


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