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The Kistler Group is one of the world's best suppliers of sensors measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration as well as the linked electronics and software. The equipment from Kistler is used to examine physical processes and to run and enhance industrial processes in the long duration. There is numerous services specially for the marine life and it presents about loads of suitability with the tools it offers.

For more than 50 years, Kistler has occurred as the most flawless associate for highly responsive combustion system measurement technology. Our industrial process press fit monitoring system and servo press joining system are exceptionally countable R&D machines. The initial target is to have clean combustion with minimum emissions and fuel consumption.

Here are several concise background regarding the regularly used sensors. In automotive R&D, Kistler sensors are used for engine improvement and for developing handling safety and ride quality just like the production monitoring for quality control. In production, Kistler products monitor and control machining and forming processes can give effective quality assurance on the assembly line. While in plastics processing, Kistler cavity pressure sensors can help maintain consistent quality and improve production processes. The Kistler industrial process force monitoring system presents valuable information for gait analysis and for assisting athletes reach their complete ability in the biomechanics for hospital as well as biomechanics for sports.

At one hand of the spectrum, Kistler pressure sensors present measurement of minute changes in air pressure. While on the other, they also contribute fact on the enormous pressure that arise in like the explosive combustion processes. The press fit force enforcement, industrial process press fit force and sensors gives measurements that fills from force in the millinewton range to take place.

We supply a entire measuring chain service and combustion analysis solve on the test stand in the vehicle or in large diesel and gas engines. Just to promote a few are Cylinder Pressure for Marine, Cylinder Pressure for Ship, Cylinder Pressure for Powerplant, Process control for industrial automation, Injection Molding for Quality, Torque measurement, Torque Sensor, weigh in motion rail, Frequency measurement sensor, IEPE sensor, ICP sensor, Truck scale measurement and Cylinder Pressure for Marine.

Visit our website for additional details: Torque Analysis, Torque Measurement, Servo Press.

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