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There are dozens of cheaper power banks that flood the market for the price of less than ten bucks. But are these really worth it?

Power banks have become a hit since they were first introduced in the market a few years back. It seems that people are never satisfied with the juice their mobile devices have to offer. Some devices even fall short of user expectations, lasting for only a fraction of a typical day’s use. Power banks innovated extended usage, drastically lengthening a mobile device’s battery life by 100-300%. In today’s market, a top-of-the-line brand would easily cost you $20-50. A generic brand with the same mah rating will just cost a small fraction of that price, some going as low as $1.99. This is where the obvious question comes in. Will the quality compensate for the cost? Or, are you better off getting away with a bargain?

These are basically just an extension of your mobile device’s battery. They do nothing more than simply store charge temporarily and use that charge to revive your sapped mobile device. Despite this basic function, it’s still important to consider the quality of the device for safety reasons. All of them undergo the same manufacturing process. The way they’re assembled and the quality of the components used set top-of-the-line devices apart from generic ones.

Higher quality 3000mah power banks have tough cases. You can easily determine this by how durable it feels to hold. Tapping your finger or pressing it firmly on the surface of the device while not bend it out of shape or create a dent. Lower quality ones will feel light and flimsy, and will easily bend when small forces are applied. It is also important to check the seams. High quality devices are virtually seamless. It is impossible to insert your fingernail at the seam and pry the device open. Cheaper brands have cases that are held together by low-quality adhesive and small screws. If forced open, the device will easily give way at the seams.

The internal components and accessories are just as important to consider as the main unit itself. Make sure to listen for rattling noises when you shake the device. This signifies internal components that have come loose due to poor assembly. Loose components might short-circuit the device, causing it to burn up when left charging for a long time. Additionally, cheaper brands don’t hold up to their claimed power rating. A claimed 3000mah power bank may fall short on only 2000mah.

If the unit comes with a USB cable, check its quality as well - particularly at the ends. There are generic brands that replicate the lightning dock connector of iOS devices. These are not usually recognized by the device. It is also important to check the portion where the connector meets the cable. Cheaper brands have flimsy connections that can easily break apart due to the stresses of pulling or pushing over time.

Higher quality brands offer the assurance of safety and satisfying performance. They also have additional features that offer additional convenience during charging. The Vority Vigor 3S Lipstick Size Power Bank

is a solid, compact lipstick device that automatically turns on upon being plugged in, and deactivates once a full charge is reached. The 3000mah power bank retails in Amazon, and can fully extend a smart phone’s life by up to 200%.
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