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For one to be his own manager and begin a company, there are several ways gathered such as the online applications, many government firms for the range of licenses. The plan to apply for GST or not, knowing the various grants for your business, how to check of your expenses and how to go about planning your accounts. The list does not just end here. Employment requirements, CPF payments, skills development levies, employing of foreign workers play a big part in the creation of your business too.

Connexions, a/an company hosted by a bunch of talented professionals to aid and guide you through your business journey. We offer up to date information on tax breaks, government grants and several deals that you and your company should not be missing out on. We help out with Singapore company registration as well as services like accounting services, business registration, tax preparation services, Singapore company incorporation and company secretary.

We are open with our grants where there are no secret costs. Our fee configuration is specific for every job taken up and you can commence opening your business within hours by incorporating online with us. It is as effortless as just attaining 3 steps as we want to make it simple for our patrons.

Come find us and enable us advise you on what tax welfare you are suitable for, the various grants that are made attainable for your kind of organisation, what are the hire and training grants available for you. You can be positive that we will go the extra mile for you- we do not just organize the books for you, or just act the annual filing for you, we want to be part of your company and job hand-in-hand with you to see your business prosper!

Visit their website for additional details: Accounting Services, Company Registration Singapore, Tax Preparation Services.

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