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Some folks promoting a network marketing business will be straight about the facts but many will not or they'll downplay it. You'll find all kinds of tactics with this and some are much more ethical than others, so just forget about the money and focus on what you must do to make money. What you have to do is work on acquiring leads and every day is the best plan of attack. It's not so much that there are negatives with network marketing, it's just that the business model is demanding for most people.

There are actually many positive qualities about network marketing, so don't be so quick to dismiss it. One thing about this is it takes a serious commitment to a lot of things and you must have patience. You'll need to be able to go into permanent lead generation mode and know how to broach the subject with strangers. Most businesses on and off the net will fail very soon which means it's not really the business but the person behind it. Some recruiters will tell you not to think too much about it, and there is some wisdom in that but thinking critically and intelligently really is the best approach. Millions of people have tried and then quit network marketing, and the main reason is they were sold a dream and then found out it's hard work. If you have never had your own business, then you will be in store for a jolt to your system. You will be required to venture way out of your comfort zone, so how do you feel about doing that? Most people cannot survive the harsh reality of this business, and a smart move on your part is to train and develop your mindset for what is down the road. The challenges are different regardless of how you earn or make money, so what's the big deal and the difference?

As you can guess, you will need to get out in the world and talk to people about the business. The hard sell days are over because that is not what people want to hear, and it's important to be fair with people because you will be taking their money and giving them dreams and hope. Each time there is a speaker from your business, go there and learn from that person and get around. Rather than passing out your business card to everybody, listen and take theirs. Skip all the tall dreams promises and look at network marketing as a tough business but one in which you can succeed. You must keep leads coming in all the time because this is a numbers game. If you accept the realities of network marketing, then that is a huge plus in your favor.

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