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Any talk of real world self-defense usually brings up the term "close quarters combat". The term is self-explanatory. This type of combat is any fight that takes place within close range of the assailant. The reason it is so frequently addressed when the issue of self-defense crops up is that many real world attacks are up close and personal. Usually, a violent individual wouldn't launch an assault from afar. The intended victim could easily get away if his attacker strikes from a distance. To keep his intended prey from getting away, an assailant would need to surprise his victim and get a lot closer.

The definition of close quarters varies a bit among different self-defense trainers. Usually, the range will be determined in striking terms as the length of the elbow. This suggests an attacker is within close quarters proximity if his distance from you is no more than the length of your hand to your elbow. Irrespective of its definition, however, close quarters combat is a risky sort of fighting. No one would want to be that close to a dangerous criminal so it goes without saying that close quarters fights come with an incredible amount of stress and risks.

Then again, for anyone who has been properly trained in self-defense, close quarters might prove to be the perfect range in which to effectively deal with an opponent. It is because the majority of offensive tools can be used effectively in close proximity. Hits using the elbows, knees, and head can easily end a fight almost right away and cause serious injury to an assailant. 

Wrestling takedowns, throws, standing joint locks, and a number of other grappling methods are also effective in close quarters combat scenarios. These grappling techniques are effective in stopping a fight and subduing an attacker without causing serious harm. This may be the most effective approach in some cases.

Upper cuts, hooks, overhands, and other boxing methods also are effective in close quarters combat. Surprising to some, there are quite a number of kicking strategies which can be used in close range. They generally will not stop a fight, but the kicking tactics can be employed to set up the next move or moves that will finish a fight.

Close quarters combat doesn't simply entail offensive tactics. Close quarters combat also entails learning defensive techniques. If you're to defeat your opponent, you should know the different ways that he will attempt to injure you. Also included within the process of defense would be handling weapons like knives which are very dangerous in a close range scenario.

Close quarters combat is not a complex matter. Basically, this sort of combat involves making the most out of the tools which are suitable for this range.

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