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A typical Force Lance
Display with a Force Lance
Force Lance on plasma burst

The Force Lance (F-Lance) is the standard sidearm of High Guard personal. It wins over with its variety.


The Force Lance has the ability to be extended from a 30cm hand weapon to a 2 meter fighting rod for an infight. It is possible to restrict the access to this weapon with DNA-Encryption.


The design of all Force Lances is widely identical, but it's possible to get down to variations in coloring, which e.g. conform to an higher rank. Models with an additional handhold are seemingly very rare.


  • Default Firemode: The Force Lance fires intelligent Bullets (called effectors).
  • Plasma burst: The Force Lance fires an extremly powerful "beam" of plasma. This mode can last only for a short period.
  • Defense: The Force Lance can be programmed to fire automatically on enemy bullets or on the enemies themselves.
  • Plasma Grenade: If the Force Lance is adjusted to "overload", it can be used as a plasma grenade.
  • Shock Staff: The Force Lance is electrically charged and can be used as an shock staff.
  • Hook: The Force Lance fires an hook, which gives the possibility to cross gorges or to climb buildings.
  • Flashlight: The Force Lance can be used as a flashlight. (This is a very low beam of plasma, which does not make any damage)
  • Cutting tool: The Force Lance can also be used as a cutting tool. (This is a plasma beam of medium strength, which does low damage)
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