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It is everyone's desire to be their own leader one day and to speculate their company grow and make lots of money. many times, we see of people managing so well in the business production and we look up to them with such respect in our heads, hoping that when we grow up in future, we will turn into bosses individually and see the organization enlarge globally and to the ends of the earth.

runned by top managers like Looi Qin En, Seah Ying Cong and Oswald Yeo, Glints, an internship firm in Asia, is a talent business for start ups that was built by people who have been on both sides - the employing and the working. We are a company that could fulfill your talent needs, whether or not it is about finding interns or running your own ad-hoc plans. We headhunt, filter and serve your focused talent pool of people.

You can be an intern at Startup! We help to suit great talents to businesses. We are your community, both online and offline, for you to work together, discover from one another and do ridiculous, audacious and big stuffs together. We solidly believe that our precious system of talents, startups, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors would support to empower you and make things success.

Come join Glints and we ensure you a valuable involvement for your summer internship or any internship occasions in Singapore. You can even be an intern at Startup. To the interns that are joining us, we ensure you meaningful, exciting and interesting internships in Singapore which fully search your ability as a startup of one. Outside Glints, this is a privilege. Inside Glints, it is a right. To startups, we bind to meeting your human resource and talent wants, one service communication at a time. More than the expertise, we are finding for culture fit and ability fit.

Visit our web for additional details: Summer Internship, Glints, Recruit Intern.

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