Hephaistos System

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Name Hephaistos System
Inhabitants Nietzscheans, Humans, Perseids
Position Perseus Arm, Milky Way

In the Hephaistos system, the nietzschean uprising against the Commonwealth started.

Under the pretext that the local Black Hole was suddenly expandig, threatening the lives of millions of (mostly nietzschean) colonists, the High Guard flagship Andromeda Ascendant was lured into the system, where it was ambushed by about 10'000 nietzschean warships.

While trying to commence a catapult maneuver along the event horizon of the black hole, the Andromeda was frozen in time for 300 years.

The best known planet of the system is Hephaistos IV.

In the system of Hephaistos the rebellion of the Nietzscheas took their beginning. Under the pretext, which threatens itself black hole in the system far suddenly out and the millions of (mainly nietzscheanischen) Kolonisten, became the flagship of the honour guard, which expects Andromeda Ascendant, in the system lured and there from more than 10'000 nietzscheanischen ships. The Andromeda which was subject hopelessly tried to save by a catapult maneuver along the ereignishorizontes of the black hole, however by sabotage in the time was frozen and 300 years later of the Eureka Maru saved. In Hephaistos thus both the death of the old Commonwealth and the birth of the new began. The probably most well-known planet of the Hephaistos of system is Hephaistos IV.

Interesting Facts

  • In greek mythology, Hephaistos is the god of the fire and forging.


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