How to Boost the Samsung Galaxy Ace?

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The Samsung Galaxy Ace starts somewhat dated, but many of you still in hand and complain system slowdowns and significant loss of autonomy. These problems are particularly troublesome, even for those who simply want to use the Galaxy Ace without follies! Here are some tips to fix it.

Limit background tasks:

Are we talking here of "limit" and not delete. Indeed, a "Task Killer" is often recommended on the web, but I can only advise you not to. Processes running in the background are sometimes essential for the proper functioning of your system and a task killer could do considerable damage.

To see what applications are running in the background, go to Settings> Applications> Running Services . If certain processes or applications is useless to you, you can click it, and choose Stop . However, do not do this to chance!

Sorting to avoid saturating the memory:

Even with an SD card, you will still need to free space on your internal storage. Impossible to do if anything with your Galaxy Ace! So from time to time, do some springtarget="_blank" cleaning: remove applications that you never use, sort your photos, your music or recordings ... It is the same for widgets using a lot of battery and you do not use necessarily. You will quickly see the difference!

Stop automatic synchronization:

I know what you tell me: what good is an Android target="_blank" smartphone if it is to use half? I know this is terrible, but this is so: the Galaxy Ace is not a racing and current applications are very greedy.

A solution to avoid seeing your battery is empty and idle your smartphone is to get automatic synchronizations manual. To do this, go to Settings> Accounts & sync > Uncheck Sync. automatic .

Delete caches applications:

It said a minimum space of storage is necessary for the proper functioning of the Galaxy Ace. But forgetfulness is not always visible: many applications store data in cache, difficult to detect, and sometimes take up much space.

You should occasionally empty the cache applications on your smartphone, either manually ( Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> Application X or Y> Clear the cache ), or through an application such as Clean Master.

INSTALL Clean Master (clear cache) Now!

A good old reset:

Sometimes, it is also able to use the hard way: a good old reset to factory settings give a second life to your Galaxy Ace. Remember above all to save all the data you want to keep!

To reset: Settings> Privacy> Factory data. by default .

Remove Builders applications :

The root is a great way to maximize your storage space: it allows you to remove the effect of the application of Touchwiz overlay, which take a lot of memory but sometimes serve you anything.

Increase the capacity of the memory:

Now that your Samsung Galaxy Ace is Roote, take the opportunity to increase the capacity of your internal memory space! You can through MiniTool Partition Link2SD and transform your external SD card to internal memory.

So much for the tips! Some are quite obvious, others a bit more complex, but one thing is certain: Keep it simple! If you do not ask too much about your Galaxy Ace, it will work like a charm.

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