Isabella Ortiz

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Name Isabella Ortiz
Race Human
Birthplace Greater Magellanic Clouds
Faction Commonwealth
Family Status One Sister
Last Known Status Likely Dead
Cory, Ortiz' double

Isabella Ortiz was a charismatic leader in the post-Fall political climate. She rallied twenty worlds into the Magellanic Alliance to defend against the Kalderan Commune. After the fall of the Alliance, Ortiz fled to Svorog's Anvil and traded identities with another woman, Cory, for protection. While there, she pretended to be a bartender while her double pretended to be a doctor. Eventually, Captain Dylan Hunt came looking for her, hoping she would help him reestablish the Systems Commonwealth. Ortiz was at first reluctant but Kalderans arrived soon after, determined to kill her. Her double was killed in the ensuing battle but Hunt and his crew succeeded in driving the Kalderans off and rescuing her.

Ortiz was eventually elected as a Triumvir of the Restored Commonwealth and remained a strong supporter of Captain Hunt. For this reason, the Collectors eventually removed her from power and replaced her with her more complacent sister, Camille. What happened to Ortiz after this point is unknown, but considering the willingness of the Collectors to kill anyone who stood in their way, her chances of survival seem slim.


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