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The road to becoming a good leader is rarely an uncomplicated one, but it has become an awful lot easier thanks mainly to an excellent book authored by John C. Maxwell -- The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential. It's not really possible for any book to teach you everything you need to know about how to become a good leader in just a handful of lessons. However, this book can give you insights on what's needed for you to correctly develop your leadership potential. This is achieved through introducing and defining the five different levels of leadership which are most common: position, permission, production, people development, and pinnacle. Other books really don't deal with these levels in great detail. This is exactly why Maxwell's book stand above all the rest. Maxwell, explains the different leadership growth areas in his book. By doing this, readers get a really clear view on the different stages that leadership takes at various experiences.

Just being able to identify the five leadership levels won't make any person an effective leader. You'll be able to become a good leader, though, by understanding these levels and improving your success potential. This begins by first studying the five levels and then figuring out how they could be maximized for success. The book helps a lot in that it is very well organized and full of insights. What you are going to gain from reading this is a far more focused conceptualization of how each of these aspects in the leadership range can be employed to enhance your ability to become the kind of leader you want to be.

You may think of this text as your personal leadership checklist. As you go through your list, each and every item you make your own will lead to an improvement in your capacity to lead. This isn't to suggest that this book is an end point in your pursuit to be the kind of leader you wish to be. However, when you do read the book, you're going to quickly learn lots of things which you might otherwise would have had to learn the painfully costly way. You have to have leadership experience to be an effective leader, but this book can help make those real-world leadership experiences more positive learning experiences. It can save you from a lot of common blunders along the way. The five levels of leadership presented will enable you to focus on positive leadership experiences and to learn and move on immediately from negative leadership experiences.

It becomes much easier to lead as you progress through the levels, aided by a progression in the confidence other people have in your leadership. As you get to the top of leadership you will find that less directives are necessary to achieve the same tasks as before. People will certainly follow you automatically since you instill the greatest trust in them. While the path to reaching this level might take some time, the journey will be one with comparatively a lot fewer dips in the road thanks to the guidance gained from Maxwell's guide.

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