Send Me Solutions Products Reveals That Their Amazing Drying Towel Is Safe For Pets

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The Amazing Drying TowelTM from Send Me Solutions Products is now well known as a drying towel for cars, boats or other surfaces, and many consumers are also aware that the this amazing drying towel can be used for multiple cleaning purposes. What many aren’t aware of is that this drying towel can be used as an effective way to dry off pets after a bath or after an encounter with rain or a puddle while outdoors. “With this towel we have opened up an entire new market,” commented a company representative. “Pet owners will quickly learn that this towel is the most effective way to get their dogs and cats dry and clean in no time.”

The Amazing Drying TowelTM works on pets for the same reason it works on cars and boats. The towel is made of a synthetic wonder substance called Poly Vinyl Alcohol or PVA. PVA has a structure much like a sponge with small capillaries that literally suck up water. The towel is also soft to feel comfortable on an animal’s skin and incredibly durable meaning it will last for years and can be used over and over. It’s even machine washable.

To get the word out that their amazing drying towel is effective for use with pets, Send ME Solutions Products is currently offering a special promotion geared specifically towards pet owners. Customers who enter the special code DRYPETS5 will receive $5 off their purchase of one or more towels. The discount is calculated immediately after the code is entered and will be reflected in the final price at check out. This promotion is valid only for a limited time.

To learn more about the Amazing Drying TowelTM visit the product’s storefront. Consumers can also visit and call 951.262.3758 to speak with a Send Me Solutions Products representative

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