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Sensors are used to scan the surrounding of a ship, for example to conduct scientific research or detect enemy vessels.


Examples for sensor types

The following Sensor Systems are being used on most High Guard vessels:

Phased Array Sensor / System Search Sensor

  • PAS-37Q: An active EM search system that uses phased arrays of small sensor transceivers to create shapable swaths across any portion of the sky.

Hyper-Spectral Scanner

  • HSS-114D: A hyper-spectral scanner that measures target reflections across a continuous spectrum. Suspected camouflaged or obscured targets can be tested with an active EM sensor to improve accuracy in high-threat environments.

Advanced Imaging Sensor

  • AIS-117M: A combined SA and MTI sensor package that can detect fixed and mobile targets, as well as fuse sensor tracks into a complete picture of the area of interest. The SA suite is also capable of interferometric image analysis, which allows the AI node to build a three-dimensional representation of visible surfaces to a one nanometer resolution at 24 light-seconds.
  • AIS-117I: An ISA system that is capable of long-range detections of relatively stationary targets in high-noise environments.

Electronic Support and Attack Measure Suite

  • ES/A-9R: Detects active sensor and communications emissions from hostile assets, including ships and missiles. The EA component of the package can be used to jam both types of signals, and in some cases to overload the hostile transceiver and destroy it.
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