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In Jeff Labrecque's article in Entertainment Weekly, he writes that countless American actors have been negatively impacted by the large influx of actors from the UK.  He identifies that the main weakness exhibited by American actors is in their training. Unfortunately, there are many lazy American actors. Far too many young people who come to New York or LA in search of an acting career are not there to learn, but are there to become famous. In contrast, British actors spend years learning how to become better actors.  They work on all aspects of their instrument, from voice to temperament.  They practice on the stage as well.  The boost in actor training that occurred in the 40s and 50s was noted by Harold Clurman, who spoke about the importance of said education to the success of the aspiring actor. There were many acting teachers who emphasized the importance of training; these leaders in the acting world include Lee Strasberg, Bobby Lewis, Elia Kazan, Stella Adler, and Sanford Meisner. This is a belief that has largely been lost today. 

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All art forms require that one spends significant time and energy studying and learning about his or her chosen profession. True artists will spend a lifetime improving in their craft. In order to have a successful career, an actor needs to be creative. Each detail of an actor's craft is important; they must possess both artistic abilities and perseverance. Treating acting as a real art form is not something that most American actors understand. The superficial is often what is most valued in our society. Money is pretty much the focus for Hollywood. Networks are focused on fame and will most often look for the most well-known individual to represent their studio. For this reason, most actors focus solely on making sure they know their lines and nothing else. These big television personalities often inundate the acting world. The result is often a bad one. This is certainly frustrating, especially for a serious actor.

It's sad how many American actors I speak to who don't want to commit to additional years of training.  Even those who are still young want to skip the education and go straight to working.  They struggle to understand that acting, like any other art form, requires technique and creativity.  British actors are expected to practice their skills and improve their repertoire on the stage. They don't fall for the lazy way out, and they know that no short class will do the trick.  However, in the United States, many actors are sold these lies.  Far too often, actors here are fooled into believing that, in order to succeed, they need to spend money in order to be seen by a casting director. This is especially common in LA and NYC. These cities are full of aspiring actors who are spending tons of money for no reason at sub-par acting studios. Even if the result is only to get a couple of lines on a television show, these places draw people in with promises of fame and fortune. This has led to training taking the back burner.  Unfortunately, the result is the intricate characters and great roles being given to British actors who have been trained. 
For American actors to be able to land these better roles, they must make training a priority.  It's crucial that they begin to see the value in technique and craft.  Knowing their abilities and developing their instrument is the first step.  All actors need to be aware that there is nothing that can possibly take the place of hard work and dedicated training for the American actor.

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