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So, what's the answer to this worrying problem will our only choice be to shop like drones in these giant warehouses?

If you have a bricks and mortar consultant store like a camera shop or a tool store chances are that you are struggling to generate revenue by cutting margins and overheads significantly. This country has to get back to offering value in the form of excellent post-sale and pre-sale consumer service, offer experience and employ folk who know what they're doing, not someone who has neither initiative, character nor experience.

Look at what the major chains don't offer and you'll see that shopper service is a thing of the past, their stores all look the same and if they have not got what you want, you are sunk. Local businesses are what make a community and folks who have chosen to start their own businesses have a fondness for what they do and they really like to help when was the last time that happened in your local Walmart?

Google is doing everything to inspire small local businesses to get a web site. If you have a highly specialised business your internet site can straight away become number one when anyone searches for Your Town and your expert service. Just this straightforward low cost selling solution can bring in hundreds of new customers. For a small charge you can be listed in local directories, your local Chamber of Commerce and on Angie's list, which will sum up to more visibility and less cost than any pricey mag or weekly paper ad, and do not forget mobile web access.

Starting and maintaining an internet site is not difficult or dear, nowadays an attractive Wordpress site can be built in less than two hours all that it costs is monthly hosting and a web site name charge. On a local strip I recently asked 11 small business owners if they'd a website and just one said yes. If you would like to launch your own business the market is wide open to help these people out and make yourself a great living, I just wish that I had the time.

All a small local business wants is a Google map of where they are, a page explaining what they do, a section that gives opening hours and contact information, some great footage and perhaps a history of the business and that is it! Add an opt in box and a once a month newsletter can go out, coupons can be dispatched and sales narrated, and with the addition of some affiliate advertising the site can basically make the business owner some money even after covering the minor costs involved.

Online businesses have a much harder time getting themselves to the pinnacle of the search engine list ings. They have tougher competition and have to handle back linking, article writing and S.E.O and dozens of other promoting methods they must employ to achieve success. A small local business blog built on WordPress can also function as a means for purchasers to ask questions about services and products also, cutting down on in-going calls that usually come when trying to cope with other purchasers. It's all about attraction selling and getting business back to the way they should be unique, beneficial and informed businesses with excellent client service that supply an enjoyable shopping experience for all who walk through the door. Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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