Technology develops every now and then, and its influence on human kind is astonishing.

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We need technology for a wide collection of reasons. We depend on technology for convenience, guarantee and potency. It simply makes our day to day existence much easier and effective. As greatly influenced as in society, the foremost technology also plays a distinguished role in business industry. It designated the changes of business operation.

In Circle Enterprise Pte Ltd, we make use of the idea and concept of technology to develop ourselves in Biometric system that appoint and HR management. We will fit your wants as a range of systems are developed, from affordable basic Clocking Machine and Smart Card Systems to a breakthrough technology product, Biometric Hand Scanners with Powerful Time and Attendance Software. We have a range of compact clocking-in machines as well as proximity card, Smart Card and swipe card. Better still, we produce Card Racks swipe cards, badges, time cards, clock cards and job cards for all makes of clocking in machines, time recorder systems and time clocks.

To date back the history of clock cards and time recorders, it was invented in 19th century when the industrial revolution arise in magnified speed. During that period of time, many people started to work for large factories, men, women and some children as well. In those days, all employees' working time were recorded in monotonous handwritten logbook. As a result, some manual errors are unavoidable. A new and precise method of recording was required to inspect closely the workers' performance and in late 1800s, a few time-keeping machines were developed. The basic machine was still used now even in large organizations.

In the modern world, time recorders had expanded in states of technology and design. It fitted with access control performance, from smart cards to fingerprint technology, and data transfer to computers.

Our company, Circle Enterprise Pte Ltd created in 2001, we are pleased on presenting top-notch back-up and support to our customer. From simple Clocking In Machines to Fingerprint Recognition PC Linked Time and Attendance Systems and Time Recorders. We would love to welcome your company unconcerned of Small and medium enterprise (SME) companies or large organizations to fix up our product to keep close track ofworkforce management.

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For further inquiries and help on the proper system for your business, please do not think twice to contact us.

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