Telling the Easter story by using Resurrection Eggs

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For several young children, the concept of Easter is synonymous with the fun-filled action of the Easter egg search. Too often, the idea behind this Christian event is forgotten: the idea of hope, due to the resurrection of Jesus.

For Christians, the resurrection story is a crucial part of the Gospels and also the daily Catholic teachings. It's the tale of salvation, how mankind was saved because of the sacrifice of Jesus, and how man is given hope due to his resurrection and the promise of eternal life. After sacrificing himself and getting crucified, Jesus went back from the dead after 3 days, fulfilling his promise to mankind.

The actual culture behind the Easter eggs is one full of symbols. They signify Christ's empty tomb, and serve as a reminder of Jesus' promise of eternal life to all folks who believe. Today, the tradition has developed into a fun-filled one, with children hunting for chocolates or candy-filled Easter eggs.

But do youngsters nowadays see the value of these Easter eggs? One method to impart the Easter story is to build an egg hunt with Resurrection Eggs - a beautiful set of Easter eggs that show the story of Jesus' journey to the cross, his resurrection, and promise of endless life. Each and every set includes 12 plastic eggs with Christian symbols, a set of stickers, plus a story book that will help children comprehend Jesus' story and his amazing sacrifice.

It's really a sure method for kids to comprehend this valuable story. They will get to have fun in their Easter egg hunt while understanding about the noble way their Savior passed away and was resurrected.

Try to make Easter much more meaningful by instructing young children the actual value of the occasion. Jesus' resurrection is definitely a cause for celebration, and the Easter story is a story of hope that should be told again and again. Wish to know how it changed children's lives? Read real-life examples of these Resurrection Eggs in action at their website.

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